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The national shortage of teachers and corresponding population explosion continues with no long-term signs of a change. This has meant that increasing numbers of schools are relying on every increasing numbers of agencies to cover staff and the administration involved in running multiple recruitment agency bookings is rising.

In addition, the abolition of the DFE quality mark for agencies operating in the education sector has meant that compliance has once again become a hot topic to ensure the safety of UK classrooms. Running parallel to these two issues is the addition of escalating budget pressures.

We recognise all these issues and have built de Poel’s Education solution to address these. Working with de Poel education outsources the agency management piece to reduce both budget spent and time spent. We’re even able to help with direct supply bank management, supporting individual schools or clusters to manage their black book of supply teachers more effectively.

Importantly, we can also help set up and monitor school specific recruitment standards – whether that’s a requirement for every supply teacher to have three references or five and any additional compliance items.


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