Theresa May announces new-look cabinet of Government ministers

After a landmark few weeks, culminating last Thursday in the announcement of Theresa May’s new cabinet, Andrew Preston, CEO of de Poel, comments on the appointment of the new education secretary:

“In what has been a remarkable reshuffle, we are pleased to see that Justine Greening has been appointed as the new Education Secretary. With a background in the sector and as the first Conservative Education Secretary to have been educated at a comprehensive school, Justine is well placed to get to grips with current challenges, including a national talent shortage juxtaposed with a surge in pupil numbers and funding cuts.

“With extraordinary pressure on schools to continually fulfil their safeguarding obligations amidst all of these tests, now more than ever, the onus is on getting the best teachers at the best possible price, to deliver uninterrupted education of the highest standard to our children.

“We help schools to address all of this and more, procuring the services of recruitment agencies and ensuring they have the very best supply teachers in place, at the right time – which is characteristically, at a moment’s notice.

“We look forward to seeing the positive changes Justine will be introducing to the sector and how she will address these shortage areas, in a sector that is so central in shaping the future of our children.”