Job satisfaction ‘higher in state sector’

The shortage of qualified, experienced teachers applying for the many vacant positions in our schools continues.

Sometimes the state sector misses out on attracting good staff who, for a variety of reasons, opt to go into the private sector.

So how can heads of maintained schools woo those teachers heading for jobs in the private sector?

The Ofsted chief inspector has helped their chances recently by claiming that if teachers move from the private to the state sector, they can look forward to far greater job satisfaction.

Speaking at the Festival of Education at Wellington College earlier this year, Sir Michael Wilshaw was responding to a question from a teacher who was planning to make that move.

He told teachers: “Move into the state system as quickly as you can, you’ll enjoy it a lot more there. It will enrich your soul.”

In his speech to the conference, Sir Michael had focused on recruitment issues and blamed, in part, the media for misleading portrayals of a state school sector where teaching is made difficult by unruly pupils.

He added that education bosses had to make sure that good teachers stayed in the profession.

“We’ve got to convey the message to the general public that the great majority of schools are orderly places where teachers are able to teach and children able to learn.

“If we don’t address these two issues – selling the profession and raising its status – we’re going to have problems in teacher recruitment, particularly when the economy does well, as it is doing now.”

The most recent figures show that 50,000 teachers left the profession last year and there could be a shortfall of 65,000 by 2018 if current trends continue, leaving heads with no alternative but to use expensive agency staff.

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